Why a video resume?

  • Helps make your dream job a reality

    A video resume first and foremost does one thing A LOT better than a written resume...it helps show who YOU actually are. It gives you the opportunity to explain the reason why you are the best fit for the position.

  • Helps you to STAND OUT

    Imagine as the hiring company receiving a personalised, well structured and articulate video resume introduction from a potential candidate within an ocean of PDF's and Word documents. STAND UP doing the video and STAND OUT among all the other candidates

  • Show the BEST of YOU

    Provide your future employer an understanding of the real you....something a PDF or Word resume can never do. Show them who you are so they can have the chance of imagining you on the team and working with you.

So, your considering a video resume? Let's explain why video is the future of resumes

What the video below which will provide an overview of why video is so important with video will increasing become important component of the recruitment process
Watch Intro Video

I have some questions

Some of the more frequent questions we receive

  • I don't like being on camera and I have not done that many videos before.

    Got it. We understand. With the current global pandemic many companies are performing their first interviews remotely through a video call. The fact is we all need to get more comfortable using video and talking into a camera - its become the world's new reality.

  • The role I am applying for doesn't really need me to talk to a lot of people so why do I need to do a video?

    There is a huge amount of data that says that no matter what role we are in, back office or front office, we all need to show our future employers we have a level of soft skills proficiency witch includes the ability to communicate and express your point of view. Video helps prove you have this.

  • Doesn't doing a video take a lot longer than just writing a resume?

    Yes - it probably will. In the current economic environment and with so much disruption across many industries there is going to be a lot of competition for jobs. By spending the time on your applications will demonstrate to your future employer you are enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile.

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